On July 20th 1969 an event occurred unlike any other in human history. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the moon, while Michael Collins piloted the command module around the moon. The Apollo 11 moon landing is considered one of the most important events of the 20th Century.... and quite possibly all of recorded history!

In honor of the upcoming 40th Anniversary of this historic occasion, Meteorite Pens is proud to offer the Limited Edition Apollo 11 Meteorite Pen. It is a writing instrument unlike any other.

The black resin pen barrel sparkles with tiny pieces of actual meteorite particles that are embedded in the material. The Apollo 11 and the Stars on the barrel are created with meteoritic material from the Campo del Cielo meteorite.

As a special feature for this pen, during the crafting process, a tiny grain of Lunar meteorite NEA 001 was inserted inside the material forming the “A” in “Apollo”. It is under the apex in the “A” and is not visible. It is there, however. The lunar meteorite grain, or moondust, if you will, represents a tangible reminder of the historic nature of the Apollo 11 Mission.

The metal parts of your pen are plated with a high quality Rhodium finish, which should provide years of wear under normal daily use.

Each Apollo 11 Meteorite Pen comes with a numbered Limited Edition Certificate. Each style will be strictly limited to 300 pens. Requests for special numbers will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

A Perfect gift idea for any Space Enthusiast!

A1 - The Apollo 11 Ballpoint pen is a sleek ballpoint utilizing a Cross type refill. It easily fits in your pocket for everyday use. It measures about 5.25 inches long and has a twist operation to extend the writing tip. It’s approximate weight is about 1 oz.


A2 - The Apollo 11 Rollerball is a larger, heftier pen, with a removable cap that can be used either posted, or unposted for a lighter writing instrument. The center ring and end cap insert are hand cast. The rollerball has a Schmidt fine point, metal body ink refill. It is one that is also used in some of the world’s finest pens. The pen measures about 5.25 inches, closed. The approx. weight is 2 oz.


A3 - The Apollo 11 Fountain Pen will appeal to the user who may want a different writing experience... the kind only a fountain pen can provide. Similar in length and weight to the rollerball style, it can be used either posted or unposted and makes an excellent desk pen. The ink is supplied through your choice of an easily changeable cartridge or a refillable, piston converter cartridge. Both are supplied with your pen. A Black Private Reserve ink cartridge is included. Your pen is supplied with a fine quality, 2-tone, semi-flex steel, medium nib.


Each Apollo 11 Meteorite Pen comes to you in a handsome, velvet lined box. A presentation card is included, describing the uniqueness of your pen and how to care for it.